Dear Sally Senior,

I have two questions for you. Who are you, (will you reveal yourself at the end of the year at least?!), and what is the biggest fear you have?

Sincerely yours,

Jenny Junior

Dear Jenny Junior,

Thank you for your question! Alas, I cannot tell you who I am, and I’m not sure I ever will because frankly I like the mysteriousness of anonymity. However, in respect to your second question, I would have to say my biggest fear in general is cold water drowning, because it is something that is a lot more common than you would think. Someone can die from being in cold water in as little as twenty minutes. I’m also afraid of not living my senior year to the fullest, not going to enough sports games, not taking every possible opportunity, etc. Everyone tells you that junior year is the hardest and senior year is much easier, but that’s not necessarily true. I switched from taking only AP’s in humanities to taking an AP math and an AP science, so overall my senior year ended up being pretty difficult. When I feel overwhelmed with work I feel frustrated because it detracts from what I imagined was going to be a fun and exciting senior year. While it isn’t fun now, it’s good to keep in mind that the entire class is in this together, and it’ll get a lot more fun as the year goes on. I guess my fear is fairly irrational, but I’m trying to keep it in mind and tailor my year to work with my expectations for it as well as its expectations for me.

Happy questioning!

Sally Senior

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