5 Ways to Make Your Fall Photo Shoot the Best

by Molly Gleydura

The pretty colors, carving pumpkins, apple cider, scarves, flannels… what’s not to love about fall? I love spending days outside, amidst warm orange and blazing red leaves, taking super artsy pictures to show off the fall scenery (and, not to mention, my own photography skills). If you’re like me, here are five tips  to make your fall photo shoot the best that it can be!

1.Head out with friends or family and just have fun! Don’t be afraid of candid shots; they often come out the better than planned out ones. For these photos, if you are trying to capture a quick moment, I advise using a faster shutter speed, especially if your subjects are younger kids.

The photo I attached below had a quick shutter speed to capture my cousin as she was crawling, and, of course, this was candid because it is very hard to get a one-year-old to pose.


2. Experiment with manual settings. If you haven’t taken photography class or are new to the visual arts, you may find yourself only using the settings on the camera. However, one of the best ways to learn what is happening is to try manually changing the shutter, aperture, and iso on your own. For those who don’t know, the shutter is how long the camera lets light in, the aperture is how much light the camera lets in, and the iso is the sensitivity to the light.

Below is a diagram showing what each setting does to a picture.



3. Don’t worry if you don’t have a big DSLR camera, a point-and-shoot digital camera and even your phone camera can take great photos. Also, iyou can always edit pictures to get what you’re looking for. 

The picture I put here, I took on my phone 3 years ago and it is still one of my favorite photos.


4. There are so many great places to go in Cleveland during the fall to get photos that honor the season. I recommend the following:


    1. Patterson Farm – You can pick apples, head to the store, or hang out with the pumpkins.
    2. The Metroparks – Depending on which park you go to, there are pretty streams, beautiful trees, and great scenery.
    3. Mapleside Farms – They have many fall events almost every weekend in October, and best yet,  they have a Cavs-themed Corn Maze!
    4. Your backyard- You don’t have to go anywhere fancy, just head outside lay in the leaves or carve pumpkins.


5. Don’t forget to hand the camera off to someone else every once in a while. There are many times I come back from a fun outing disappointed because I only have one picture of myself. You can always give your camera to someone in your group, or you can ask someone passing by to take a picture of everyone together!

Have fun taking pictures!

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