by Jennifer Wang

With all the holidays coming up in December, November might seem like an uneventful time of year, besides Thanksgiving of course, but here are 10 holidays or national events this month.

1.) National Author’s Day, November 1, Tuesday

Started in 1968 to appreciate the inspirational and often unacknowledged work of being an author, founder Sue Cole suggests buying books from your favorite authors and flying an American flag in support of American literature.

2.) National STEM / STEAM Day, November 8, Tuesday

A newly announced day of celebrating science, technology, engineering, art, and math, National STEM Day was started in 2015 by MGA Entertainment, a toy company that produced Project MC2, a popular Netflix series about four smart teenage spy girls. The show was created in response to the growing US interest in STEM fields and the continued fight against gender discrimination.

3.) Veteran’s Day, November 11, Friday

Veteran’s Day was originally known as Armistice Day after President Woodrow Wilson established the holiday a year after the end of World War I. It honors all veterans who have served the United States and occurs on the same day as other national observances such as Armistice Day in France and Remembrance Day in the UK, to pay respect to their WWI veterans.

4.) National Philanthropy Day, November 15, Tuesday

As per the name, National Philanthropy Day celebrates the giving of resources, time, and energy in small or large amounts to those who need it. It’s also a great day to donate to GROW!

5.) America Recycles Day, November 15, Tuesday

Not only is November 15 a day to recycle and start or maintain healthy living habits, it’s also a great time to scope out innovative products that can be recycled after use or are created from recycled materials.

6.) National Adoption Day, November 19, Saturday

Held the Saturday before Thanksgiving, National Adoption Day brings awareness to the tens of thousands of children in foster care and celebrates the thousands of adopted children living in loving families.

7.) Thanksgiving, November 24, Thursday

From turkey to cranberry sauce to Macy’s annual parade, Thanksgiving is a hugely popular holiday in the US. However, something many Americans forget is that Thanksgiving does not exist in other countries! Why would it?

8.) National Day of Mourning, November 24, Thursday

On the same day as Thanksgiving, the Native Americans who are supposedly being ‘thanked’ through the holiday, hold a protest in Massachusetts against the United States’ mass murder, land theft, and continued crude treatment of indigenous people.

9.) National Day of Listening, November 25, Friday

Maybe while waiting in lines on Black Friday, you can celebrate the National Day of Listening, a holiday started by StoryCorps encouraging families to share stories and listen to one another in the spirit of family and preserving family history.

10.) Native American Heritage Day, November 25, Friday

Started by President Obama, Native American Heritage Day and November, the Native American Heritage Month, celebrates the achievements and contributions of Native Americans while bringing awareness to the violence and discrimination they faced in the past and present.

So there are 10 holidays you knew or didn’t know about in November!


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