Haunted House Review

by Camryn Parsons

Halloween has recently passed! Everyone has different things they love to do depending on their scare factor. For many people this thing is Haunted Houses. Some of the best, most popular Haunted Houses are the following with their locations:

  • Carnival of Horrors – Chagrin Falls, Blossom
  • Bloodview – Broadview Heights
  • 7 Floors of Hell – Middleburg Heights
  • Haunted Schoolhouse and Haunted Laboratory – Akron
  • The Factory of Terror – Canton
  • The Fear Experience – Cleveland

If you’re looking for a Haunted House to go to, I suggest 7 floors. It’s one of the most popular among HB and other schools in the area. So, if you plan on going, here’s some stuff you should know. 7 floors is made of seven different mini haunted houses, each with a different theme. The themes are: a slaughter house, zombies, insane asylum, carnival (clowns), black-out, a nightmare house, and a gas chamber. Because of the 7 different houses and long lines, it’s going to take around four or five hours, but they are all worth the wait.

Haunted houses are very fun and a great thing to do leading up to Halloween! Most tickets are around 20 dollars each, and for 7 floors at least it is definitely worth it. It will for sure get you in the Halloween mood.