October in Review

by Katie Doherty

The month of October is an exciting time for the HB Community. The freshmen are finally getting the hang of being in high school and are blocking the halls less and less. Many sports teams have had their senior nights these past weeks (you may have seen some lovely pictures of the senior fall athletes plastered throughout the halls).

This is also around the time teachers get serious about work. I’ve heard many complaints through the halls of large tests and papers. As a sophomore, a lot of talk in the 10th grade surrounded KP’s first history test. It wasn’t that bad though, I mean a 34% is a C-.

October is also a big college month. It’s quite common to encounter many seniors stressing about applications and stating that they should just drop out. I think we’re all feeling that right now. But word of advice, never ask a senior how college apps are going.

College has also been a popular topic among lower classmen recently. As each grade level has their college night, girls begin to grow more and more anxious the future. It’s funny, they tell you not to worry about it until you’re a junior and then everybody goes and worries about it. It’s definitely too early to proclaim that you won’t get into the college of your choice.

October also ushers in a new season for admissions. Up until about January, we’ll all be seeing a lot of parents and 8th graders walking around campus with students. Just remember that that was you guys once, so be nice and smile! We have to at least seem nice.

The best part of October is definitely the days off! We started the month with a free Monday and with the  half day for the PSATs, it seems that we’ve only had one full week of school this month!

So what are we complaining for guys? Yeah sure Trump is running for president, but it looks like the Cleveland Indians could go all the way to the World Series!

(Editor’s Note: this article was written before the tragic end of the World Series)

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