Escapism in Our Current Political Climate

by Annie Lewandowski

With the alluring glow of computer and phone screens, and the deliciousness of juicy drama in celebrity scandal and reality television, it’s easier than ever to slip into the entrancing universe that hides behind an unassuming icon. Unfortunately, all of these distractions that seem miracles of human innovation can be anything but progressive.

Our polarizing 2016 presidential election between bipartisan candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, has sent many Americans into despair. In order to fulfill the desire for a more ideal version of the United States that can be manipulated and altered in anyway an individual sees fit, people are turning away from the ballot boxes and voting in online polls instead of political ones. The most dysphoric of the potential voting population are the centrists, those who find Clinton’s wishy-washy stance on important issues and self-contradictory remarks almost as disturbing as Trump’s radical immigration views and frankly blatant racism. It’s far easier to completely ignore the difficulties that come along with the responsibility of voting by falling into a technological wormhole than it is to face those difficulties head on.

The fact of the matter is that those who find both candidates unappealing make up a huge portion of American voters, and without them, the fate of the presidency lies in the hands of party outliers who will not likely hold the beliefs of the country as a whole. In reality, the only ones benefiting from this apathy are the bureaucratic and corporate entities that would prefer to have us psychologically chained to television sets rather than actively participating in our government (as conspiratorial as this sounds). As we live in an increasingly complex world, it is becoming more important by the day to be encouraging the rising generations to take action in the United States instead of simply shoving in earbuds to insure its leaders are making choices for the good of the general public and not just an influential few.

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