by Elizabeth Stack

As the school year is now underway, many of us seniors look at the younger grades and marvel at how far we have come in our past four years. I specifically think about all the things I should have known, or could have done more of in my high school career and wish that I had someone to tell me these things at the time! Especially freshman year. I realize now that loitering in the hallways and laughing way too loud in the old library cubicles on photobooth, ignoring the abhorrent looks from students around me was not the best way to go about my days. Lucky for you freshman, my fellow seniors and I have developed a list of what you should and shouldn’t do as you begin your four years of high school so you don’t make the same awful mistakes that we did:

  1. DON’T wait until the night before to study or start a project; you’ll regret it at 2:00 am.
  2. DO start your note cards for your first history research paper early and don’t slack off!
  3. DO remember to use 1 inch margins; it’s worth the extra point.
  4. DO wear whatever outfit you want! Even if you’re not sure if you can pull a certain look off.
  5. DO join clubs early! Find a passion before your senior year.
  6. DON’T stand in the middle of the hallway… there are so many better places to talk about your Netflix show.
  7. DON’T bring your backpacks into the lunchroom! It’s already crowded enough in there.
  8. DO limit yourself to one snack card a month or your parents won’t be happy. Those Malley’s chocolate bars add up fast.
  9. DO stay out of drama. Find your friends and surround yourself with people you like!
  10. DO have a conversation with a teacher that ISN’T about school! You’ll be surprised with how interesting their lives really are.
  11. DO learn how to park before you’re allowed to drive to school.
  12. DO turn off  your phone sound in class.
  13. DON’T online shop/ try and watch Netflix in class; it never ends well.
  14. DON’T complain about your workload in front of a senior.
  15. DO join a sport for fun! You don’t have to be a D1 athlete to enjoy being part of a team.
  16. DO keep snacks in your backpack.
  17. DO go through the back door of the auditorium if you come in late, so Mrs. Oberholtz doesn’t mark you tardy.
  18. DON’T be embarrassed to have school spirit!
  19. DO go on an international trip; they change your life.
  20. DO make time for yourself! Your happiness should be the most important thing in your life. Remember to have fun. Its high school!

I hope that with this survival guide you will now be able to look back at your freshman year, and all of high school for that matter, and smile! If you follow these rules you are guaranteed an awesome four years.

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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