By: Raea Palmieri

Celebrating their centennial, the Cleveland Museum of Art has many new and exciting exhibits for the 2016/17 year. Currently, the museum is exhibiting a wide range of art, including the Art and Stories from Mughal India exhibition, the Elegance and Intrigue: French Society in 18th-Century Prints and Drawings exhibition, and the Ecstasy of St. Kara exhibit.

The Art and Stories from Mughal India exhibition holds 100 paintings from the Mughal India period. These paintings aid in the telling of four different stories: an epic, a fable, a romance, and a sacred biography. Accompanied by these paintings are a collection of artifacts such as elaborate costumes, textiles, jewelry, and decorative arts from the era to further engage the audience with the art.

The Elegance and Intrigue: French Society in 18th-Century Prints and Drawings showcases the museum’s wide range of art from 18th century France, including very rare etchings and drawings from the era. Different from the Mughal India exhibit, this exhibit captures the essence of French politics, style, and overall culture during the early years of the French Revolution through the early years of Napoleon’s reign.

Influenced by the art and culture in Rome, Kara Walker presents her work based on the complexity of Christianity that dominates and complicates the issues of slavery, globally as well as in black lives. Different from the other exhibits on display, Walker’s modern works on the reasoning behind slavery and free will encourage discussion within her audience. Walker’s work is not only provocative, but is effective in starting important conversations.


Art and Stories from Mughal India ends October 23!

Elegance and Intrigue: French Society in 18th-Century Prints and Drawings ends November 6!

The Ecstasy of St. Kara ends December 31!

Our museum is looking forward to showcasing the rich past of art and the potential future of the museum, and YOU should be a part of that! Celebrate 100 years of art in Cleveland by going to the museum!

Visit for more information on these exhibitions or future ones!

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