By: Amy Howarth

As the seniors of Hathaway Brown are preparing to go to college, they are making their last few memories of high school through involvement in different sports. To honor and remember seniors that participate in athletics, HB holds “Senior Nights” for each sporting event. Seniors are recognized by having their names announced before events and fellow teammates may give them gifts, make them posters, and write them notes or cards with memories of their time spent on that team at HB. The fall sports kicked off the senior nights starting with tennis.

The tennis team honored seniors Lauren Gillinov, Ally Persky, and Catherine Arkelett on Tuesday, September 27th. They went up against Canfield. Persky commented, “I played well and won my match.” HB won the match 5 to 0, which is an amazing win. Aside from the excitement of the win, Persky also said, “I will miss my teammates the most. Outside of the tennis season, tennis is a very lonely sport. I love having my teammates to support me and cheer me on.” As Persky has played tennis throughout high school she explained, “Being on the tennis team has taught me to be a better team player, even when our matches can still feel individual.”  Sounds like the tennis team had an awesome senior night.

The next senior night that took place was HB’s golf senior night, on Wednesday, September 28th. Seniors Alex Stahler and Ashley Borseth were honored as they and the rest of their team faced Lake Catholic. They defeated Lake Catholic; Alex Stahler shot 40 and Ashley Borseth shot 50!

The HB cross country team celebrated their senior night on Friday, September 30th at Gilmour Academy. Cross country honored Grace Homany, Caroline Millican, Margaret Broihier, Julia Sabik, Marisa Lancaster, and Regan Brady. There were many great accomplishments during the race. Grace Homany explained, “Ainsley Bradbury (sophomore) finished the race with a missing shoe, other teams commented on how close our spread was, and Jessica Bruening (freshman) ran a personal record.” [Personal Record: when a runner hits the best time all season.] After all these great accomplishments HB came in 3rd place in the varsity and open races!  There were also many memories that the cross country team made together that the seniors will miss. “I’ll miss the team, especially the team we built this year because I think this has been the most supportive, competitive, and all around amazing team I’ve been a part of at HB,” said Homany. “Cross country has always been important to me, as a freshman it helped me build confidence and friends and now as a senior it has taught me how to lead and develop a team-over-self-mentality.”

HB’s soccer team was next to celebrate senior night, which took place on Wednesday, October 5th. They honored seniors Madeline Howarth, Julia Javorsky, Millie Privitera, Kaley O’Donnell, Katherine Bradley, Chloe Richards, Skylar Hahn, Sabrina Kunimoto, and Elizabeth Stack, while playing against Holy Name. The best accomplishment during the game, Madeline Howarth said, was when, “The Varsity team was able to beat the rather talented Holy Name team by a score of 2-1 with goals scored by freshman, Mary Santelli and junior, Colleen Lux.”  Another accomplishment was that, “The JV team played one of its best games of the season, holding Holy Name to two goals.” Skylar Hahn says her best accomplishment was, “Starting with everyone because we’ve been playing together for four years and it was finally our senior night The varsity team came through with a win of 2-1 and unfortunately the JV team lost 2-0. Aside from the two games all the seniors have had an amazing experience playing soccer and they have many things to say about what they will miss and remember in the years to come. “Laughing with the entire team during practices and running back to hug everyone after we score in a huge game,” comments Stack, whereas O’Donnell explains, “The feeling of joy and relief after scoring a goal and spending time with all of my friends every day.” Javorsky will miss, “Everyone’s reaction when someone scores a goal” and Privitera will miss “The great times I had spent with the JV team.” Hahn will miss, “The relationships with everyone regardless of grade.” Howarth sums it up with“I will miss most of all the phenomenal friends I have acquired over the four years playing this sport and the spontaneous moments of hilarity and bonding which occur throughout practices and games each day.”

The next fall sport was filed hockey. They honored seniors Kristina Mullen, Alexis Chauvette, Maren Butler, Alexia Jones, Maggie Cha, and Abbie Hammond. Field hockey’s senior night took place on Thursday, October 6 where they faced Shaker Heights High School. Mullen said the best moments during the game were when, “Goalie Halle Wasser (junior) made an amazing save during overtime on a penalty stroke.” [Penalty Stroke: a player has a free shot on the goal against the goalie.]  “Halle’s save was terrific and allowed the team to continue playing in the sudden- death overtime. Another amazing accomplishment was a goal by Chauvette assisted by Butler that tied the game and allowed the team to make it to overtime!”  Even though HB lost 3-2 during the sudden death overtime, “Our team played with a lot of skill, talent, and passion!”  Knowing that field hockey season is coming to an end the seniors have made many memories with their teammates and will miss them very much. “Playing field hockey for HB has been a highlight of my HB experience. When I was an underclassman, I really looked up to the seniors on the team for advice and they acted as role models. I will really miss my teammates because they have made my years as a player so memorable. They are all so kind and supportive!” said Mullen. “I think that playing field hockey has taught me to balance my academics with my other extra- curricular demands. In addition, playing field hockey has instilled greater confidence in me and has taught me to trust my peers, both on and off the field.”

The last senior night out of all the fall sports is the volleyball team’s senior night. This will take place on Saturday, October 15 at 11:30 am at HB and they will be facing Orange High School. We encourage you to go and support the volleyball team and their seniors, Makenna O’Hara and Lily Oglesbee. And good luck to theses seniors and the rest of the volleyball team with your next game!  

As the senior athletes of 2017 graduate and move on to college, on behalf of all teammates and coaches, the HB community will miss you all so much. We wish you the best of luck in the years to come. We hope we have made your time at HB memorable and fun and we wish all the teams a good luck with the rest of their seasons!

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