By: Sophia Hanna

On September 13th Apple released the new iOS 10 software update. This release sparked a huge debate about the merits of the update. I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the biggest pros and cons of the new and noticeable features.


  • You can send gifs, digital touches, full-screen animations, and emoji replacement in the Messages app. I think this is a lot of fun and send gifs and digital touches to all my friends 24/7.
  • Native apps can be deleted. I think this is really nice because a lot of storage is used up by these apps. Being able to delete unwanted apps like Stocks or Tips is a great storage saver.
  • Cool new emojis like the gay pride flag, how could that be bad?!
  • The new Photos app automatically makes folders of memories from different times of your life. It also has a folder for each person who you have a photo of on your phone. I like this because some days my Photos app will create a memory folder about a trip I went on and remind me of all the fun I had.
  • The Maps app had a glow up and is now more precise than ever, complete with and a new feature that shows you where there is traffic. I think this is very helpful and much more accurate.
  • The News app is very easy to use and now offers notifications for breaking news and the ability to subscribe to different papers and magazines.



  • You don’t slide to unlock your iPhone- you have to tap the home button. If you swipe to the right you get the camera and to the left is notifications. I don’t like how different this is. Even after a couple weeks, I am still not used to this change.
  • The control center is so much more work. To be able to pause or skip the song you are listening to you have to swipe to another slide. I don’t like this change because it is so much more complicated than before and it took me a whole week to finally figure out.
  • I still do not like Apple Music and I will stick with Spotify until Apple Music ups its game.
  • They changed the gun to a water gun. Like was that really necessary??
  • The Home app, in my opinion, is not very useful and requires way too many expensive accessories.
  • The iPad did not receive the same level of updates as the iPhone, which is pretty annoying for iPad users.

You might have different opinions, but this is my take on the iOS 10 update. What did you think of the update? What do you think Apple should do next to make the software on all Apple products better?

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