By Valerie Mischka

The new school year comes with new trends in fashion, music, movies, technology, and more! Hopefully you will gain some inspiration on how to be “à la mode” this fall!


Ruffles, shearling bomber jackets, the colors orange and yellow, primary colored stripes, and off the shoulder tops were the highlights of New York Fashion Week this year! I am very excited that stripes are “in” considering it is the only pattern I wear.




Hot albums out now are Illuminate by Shawn Mendes, Starboy by The Weeknd, The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller, Still Breathing by Green Day, Campaign by Ty Dolla $ign, and Blonde by Frank Ocean.



A ton of movies have been dominating the box office these past few weeks; The Magnificent Seven, Bridget Jones’s Baby, Don’t Breathe, and Snowden have been making millions. I have yet to see these films, since I have been suffering the torture of HB’s homework, but I hope to get out this weekend and most likely see Don’t Breathe.



Finally, the iPhone we have all been waiting for! The iPhone 7 has been selling like crazy and is definitely a step up in creative innovation. It’s water resistant, has two cameras, a brighter and more colorful display, and faster LTE. My only complaint is the new head jack. Now, you have to have wireless headphones which are costly and easier to lose.



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