By Crystal Zhao

For years, the panda has been a symbol of mass habitat destruction. The image of a dirty polar bear adrift on a piece of ice is to global warming as a panda sanctuary is to deforestation. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) even features a panda on its well-known logo. Due to a concerted world-wide effort in the last century to save the iconic animal, the panda is now considered a vulnerable species – one step above endangered. This news has both conservationists and regular people celebrating, but there are still many more animals that need our help. Here is a chart that highlights a few recent population shifts.

Animal Status Shift Reason
Mountain Gorilla Critically endangered Endangered Relocation to unsuitable climates (colder, higher altitudes) due to human encroachment and poaching
Bornean Orangutan Critically endangered Endangered Habitat destruction by means of logging
Plains Zebra Threatened Near Threatened Illegal hunting
Yellow-Backed Duiker Near Threatened Least Concern Illegal hunting and habitat loss
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Endangered Vulnerable Habitat and diet restrictions

While we may seem far removed from the habitats of many of these animals, it is many of our collective actions as a species that are hurting them. Remember to stay green, for this little guy!


Featured image:

Golden snub nosed monkey:

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