By Regina Egan and Ela Passarelli


With John Kasich and Ted Cruz out of the running, the options for the 2016 presidential elections are even slimmer, so we decided to rank our top five favorite characters from movies, TV shows, and books who might just be the perfect third-party candidate you’re looking for.


  1.  Jim Halpert from The Office


Sure, he may not be all that involved with the government, but he definitely knows how to maneuver the politics of an office, and plus, Pam and Jim would make the most adorable first couple.


  1.  Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock Holmes


Unfortunately, the Natural-Born-Citizen clause would render Sherlock Holmes ineligible for candidacy, yet we’d be sure to count on him to outsmart any of America’s enemies.


  1.  Mulan from Mulan


Just like Sherlock Holmes, the Natural-Born-Citizen clause may stop her from running, as well as the fact that she’s from sixth century China. Nonetheless, her bravery, boldness, and defiance of gender norms make her an excellent candidate that would appeal to the female constituency.


  1.  Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter


If he can manage the US government the same way he can with Hogwarts, he’d definitely be a wild card in this election. Besides, he’d make the first wizard president, and the mudblood community would feel more accepted in America.


  1.  Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation


With her organization, enthusiasm, and love for both waffles and America, Leslie Knope would make a great presidential candidate.


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