By Angela Zhu

*Title creds to Stephanie Kaiser


1.The 100

Guess which TV show has a hundred delinquent teenagers being exiled off a huge space ship that they call their home down to the Earth that was deemed to be uninhabitable? Yes, it’s this one. From the start of season 1 until now, the show has been a rollercoaster. So if you like action and a ship that has taken 2.5 seasons and still hasn’t set sail, then this show is for you.


2. Miraculous Ladybug

This CGI animated cartoon is a worldwide effort; its creator is Thomas Astruc from France and is produced by TGOI productions in Korea. Starring in Paris, the two main characters Marinette and Adrien and their superhero alter-egos Ladybug and Chat Noir must save the day. The best part? They’re in a love SQUARE. Since this show’s in different languages, you can watch it in French or Korean and feel good about yourself for being educational.


3. Dancing with the Stars

It really is amazing to see how some of these stars form bonds with their dancing partners and how they continue to improve week by week. This show’s hype needs to be brought back!


4. The Middle

Although this show has many funny moments, it has touching family moments too. 10/10 show.


Here are some more shows recommended by HB students!

  1. Switched at Birth
  2. Quantico
  3. Once Upon a Time
  4. Grey’s Anatomy
  5. The Walking Dead
  6. Parks and Rec