By Cassandra Lis

I went to a public school my whole life, and it is strange to see the halls here so empty, having teachers who are so caring, and students who are so attentive. Days at my public school were monotonous, the same thing every day. Creativity was caged and thinking was shunned. Maybe that’s dramatic, but it was how I felt- and I was bored out of my mind. I saw far too many pairs of neon basketball shorts paired with a mismatched neon athletic shirt, with very “clever” phrases. Or cargo shorts. Or khaki pants. Here, there is something new every day, and I like that. It’s something I needed. I needed the change. I cut all my hair off, switched schools, and switched swim teams. I’m happier here, but then I think of all the people I left behind. I didn’t have many close friends at my school, but the ones I did leave behind I feel bad for.  I wish that everyone had the chance to come to a school with so many opportunities, but I realize that the private school life is not for everyone. Public school just wasn’t for me though.

Coming from a public middle school to a private high school was a huge jump. I have some advice.

  1.       You will get about three times as much homework as you did before. Do your homework, but this leads to my second point…
  2.       Sleep lots. You will be very tired, and I know that I was when I first came to HB.
  3.       Write everything down in your planner or you will forget everything
  4.       Check your e-mail all the time.
  5.       Figure out how to study, because I wasn’t sure how to before I came here.
  6.       Save everything on your computer. You will be happy you did when finals comes around.
  7.       Learn how to use your free periods and manage your time.

That’s basically it. You can do it.