by Amaia Calhoun, Claire McKenna and Carolyn Holan

Beginning freshman year can be nerve wracking, the high school seeming like a completely different world. Having almost finished freshman year, we looked to compile questions and answers to questions you might have.


Will I die from how much homework the teachers give me?

No, but it is an adjustment from the homework given in Middle School. After the first few weeks, you’ll get used to the workload for each of your classes. Try to stay on top of your work  and don’t procrastinate on tests, papers, or projects. Since there’s a lot of work, it’s important to stay on top of everything.

Is the dress code really strict?

Following the dress code is important. There are more comfortable alternatives to jeans, or pants that are just as comfortable as leggings that can pass as dress code. During warmer months, it’s definitely smart to make sure your shorts are proper length and your shirt sleeves are dresscode as well.

Will I get lost?

No! If you ever don’t know where you are going you can ask anyone in the halls. You will know where everything is after going to your classes the first few times.The upper school may seem big, but after a few weeks you will have no problem finding where you need to go.

Where can I sit? At lunch and at lab/x/frees?

There are some options. The student center is the most common area. The library is also available.

Should I go to the library or sit in the student center during frees?

You can go to the library when you need/want to get work done. It’s much quieter and there is more space/tables. The student center isn’t always the best place to get work done. Sometimes it is loud, especially during times when a lot of people are free like lab and X. I always go there when I don’t have a lot of work to do so I can talk to my friends and be more social.

Should I join any clubs/are they a big commitment?

Yes! You should definitely join any clubs that you are interested in. Some clubs are not a big commitment, but others are. You can check with each specific club at the annual clubs fair before you sign up.

Are dress down days really dress down days?

Yes! Unlike middle school when dress down days still meant no leggings you can wear anything that is still school appropriate, like leggings, athletic shorts or sweatpants.

When is it appropriate for me to bring my backpack into the dining hall?

You can always bring your backpack into the dining hall during lab for breakfast. Don’t bring it into the servery. You should not bring it into the dining hall during lunch because it crowds spaces and takes up too much room. Put your backpack at the top of the atrium stairs or leave it in the student center.

How much time do you spend with your mentor group?

Ten minutes on Tuesday and Thursday. There are other times occasionally, like holidays and legacy day. Also, during assembly it’s possible you will have mentor time instead of assembly.

Are classes with other grades something to be scared about?

Classes with other grades aren’t something to be scared about, they can even be the most fun because you get to see and meet new people that you don’t usually have in other classes.

Should I use my locker or keep everything in my backpack?

Try to use your locker, so your backpack isn’t too heavy. Keep the things you always need in your backpack and keep things you rarely use in your locker. If you do not have a free between classes, make sure you keep everything you need in your backpack. Although you have four minutes between classes, sometimes it is not enough to make it if your classes are far from the student center.

Where should I put my sports bag?

You can either keep your sports bags in your mentor’s room, if they have room for it, or against the wall in the athletic hallway. Most people tend to put it in the athletic hallway. Many people also put their sports bag in the student center, but it’s best to leave it somewhere out of the way.