Top Five Cookie Recipes

by Grace Amjad

Let’s be honest, cookies are the best thing ever. EVER. So, I have composed a list of the top five cookies in no particular order, except number one. Number one is the best. Make them now.

  1. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

These are super, super cute, but it is a challenge to get them to look good. You NEED to make them with Pillsbury cookie dough or else they won’t cave in and you will just have a cookie muffin. I added candy canes instead of marshmallows and it was really, really good.

  1. Biscoff Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

You don’t even have to make your own ice cream, just add vanilla ice cream in between two cookies are you are in for some deliciousness.


  1. Fudge Stripe Cookies

I have never made these, but from my childhood memories of fudge strip cookies, I have a feeling these will be amazing.


  1. Santa Sugar Cookies

These cookies don’t taste like anything special, but they are ADORABLE. It took me a very long time to make them but they were worth it.

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies That Never Go Stale

THESE ARE THE MOST AMAZING COOKIES EVER. When I make them for my family, two full bags are gone within three days.