Procrastinate in a Way that Feels Productive

by Rosalie Phillips

I am a professional procrastinator. I have wasted away so many hours on Youtube, Tetris, Netflix, and Buzzfeed that I believe I have put in the requisite 10,000 hours to have become an expert. However, I have recently taken up the habit of watching YouTube videos that are semi-educational so I can make myself feel like I’m not completely wasting time while wasting time. I pick up useless facts, such as what the inside of a bowling ball looks like or what some the most dangerous compounds in the world are. I am reassured that the brain space where I was going to store that physics equations is being filled by something more…eclectic. I would like to help my fellow compulsive procrastinators rejoice in this feeling as well.


So without further ado, are 5 YouTube Series to help you procrastinate in an educational (not really) way!


  1. What’s Inside

This is a Youtube series run by Dan and Lincoln, a father and son team, who basically cut open things to find out what’s inside. Objects include baseballs, bowling balls, Lokai bracelets, lava lamps and magic eight balls (video below). It is amazingly entertaining.

  1. Good Mythical Morning

Rhett and Link host a daily morning show that is sort of a mixed bag. Sometimes they compete, sometimes they travel to cool places, and sometimes they are just funny. It is just educational enough to maybe not feel like a waste of your homework time. The video below is them learning how to safely put 10,000 bees on their faces.

  1. Mental Floss: The List Show

Hosted by various people, the list show always has a theme like unusual laws (see below) or fifty facts for the fifty states and then proceeds to spit facts at you rapid fire. It’s very engaging and sometimes bits of unless information will stick. This series could be the reason you win ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’.

  1. SciShow

Hosted by Hank Green, SciShow is a web series that takes weird or cool aspects of science and presents them to the general public in an understandable way that it is often funny and always better than homework.

  1. SmarterEveryDay

Everyday (well… not anymore), on his channel Destin Sandlin makes his viewers a little smarter. He travels from place to place meeting with experts and learning with his subscribers about everything from how Houdini died to what the most venomous fish in the world is. In the video below he shows you what a getting a tattoo looks like in slow motion.