Photo Essay of the 2016 France Trip

by Molly Gleydura

Before even getting accepted to go on this trip, I wrote in my application that if I could chose only one country outside of the US to visit, I would choose France. This dream came true when I got the email saying I was accepted for this great opportunity: living in Paris for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! This was my first time leaving the country and I wanted to have as many ways as possible to remember it. A few nights before we were set to leave, while packing my suitcase, I had a great idea. I came up with a way to not only have another souvenir of the trip but to combine it with one of my passions – photography.

So here it is, my keepsake shared with you, a photo essay to capture the essence of each day I spent outside of the United States.

Mercredi 16 Mars (Wednesday, March 16th)

1_view from plane window.jpg


  • Hanging out in the Cleveland airport before leaving
  • Watching “Le Petit Prince” on the plane
  • Getting 20 minutes of sleep

Jeudi 17 Mars (Thursday, March 17th)

2_view from Marina's room.jpg


  • Waiting in the customs line for 2 hours
  • NAPS!!
  • Going to boutiques in Paris (and getting authentic pain au chocolats (chocolate croissants))

Vendredi 18 Mars (Friday, March 18th)

3_group taking pics.jpg


  • Going to history class with my host girl
  • Going on a boat tour of the Seine
  • Getting a Nutella crêpe

Samedi 19 Mars (Saturday, March 19th)

4_night Eiffel tower.jpg


  • Going to a French Italian class
  • Going to a French shopping mall
  • Going to the Eiffel Tower at night

Dimanche 20 Mars (Sunday, March 20th)

5_Disneyland Paris.jpg


  • Riding the train
  • Going to Disneyland Paris
  • Hearing my host dad scream like he was dying while on the Tower of Terror

Lundi 21 Mars (Monday, March 21st)

6_national archives.jpg


  • Class about the history of fashion
  • French class just for us to analyze poems
  • Going to the National Archives Museum

Mardi 22 Mars (Tuesday, March 22nd)

7_group pic at Versailles.jpg


  • Picnicking in the garden at Versailles
  • Bike riding around the garden
  • Going to Marie Antoinette’s separate house

Mercredi 23 Mars (Wednesday, March 23rd)

8_normandy texas cross.jpg


  • D-Day Museum
  • American cemetery at Omaha Beach
  • French treats/pastries in Rouen

Jeudi 24 Mars (Thursday, March 24th)

9_Notre-Dame Candles.jpg


  • Visiting Notre Dame
  • Shopping for old books on the streets of Paris
  • Seeing “La Vache” a French film (translated: The Cow)

Vendredi 25 Mars (Friday, March 25th)

10_Musée d'Orsay clock.jpg


  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Cooking demonstrating and taste testing at Le Cordon Bleu
  • Visiting an upper-level English class

Samedi 26 Mars (Saturday, March 26th)

11_Mont St Michel.jpg


  • Going to Brittany
  • Visiting le Mont Saint-Michel (considered by some French as one of the seven wonders of the world)
  • Going to “the best cookie shop in the world”

Diamnche 27 Mars (Sunday, March 27th)

12_brittany silhouette.jpg


  • Having crêpes for breakfast, dinner, and desert
  • Going to La Grande Plage (a gorgeous beach in Brittany)
  • Seeing how Easter is celebrated in a different country

Lundi 28 Mars (Monday, March 28th)

13_rainbow picture.jpg

*Picture was taken through the car window on the way back to Paris


  • Playing video games with my host family
  • Listening to my host girl and her neighbor sing American songs
  • Driving back to Paris (a 6 hour drive)

Mardi 29 Mars (Tuesday, March 29th)

14_Geode science museum.jpg


  • Watching a planetarium show about satellites
  • Watching an IMAX-like movie about whales (in the dome picture above)
  • Lexi ‘18 being the only HB student playing on the playground because the age limit was 14

Mercredi 30 Mars (Wednesday, March 30th)



  • Going to the Opera house where the Phantom of the Opera comes from
  • Walking down the Champs-Elysées
  • Going to the Rodin Museum and seeing the Thinker

Jeudi 31 Mars (Thursday, Marche 31st)

16_Eiffel Tower with rain.jpg

As we were walking to the school and preparing to say good-bye for the next 5 months, Marina (my host girl) turns to me and says (in French) “You see… Paris is sad that you are leaving.”


  • Good-byes (not a highlight but…)
  • Listening to our new favorite French songs as we wrapped up our trip journals
  • Toasting with our final Oranginas in the Paris airport