I Went on Spring Break Alone and Learned for Life

by Maggie Amjad

This past Spring Break I was given a tropical vacation from my parents. I went to Florida to spend five days alone in the sun. The idea of flying alone did not faze me and as I approached the date of my departure, I only became more excited by the idea of a vacation alone.

During my five days in Florida, I stayed with relatives but spent majority of my time lounging by the pool and spending time with friends. One of my favorite parts of spending Spring Break in Florida is that no matter where you are staying, it is almost impossible to not be a few hours from someone you know, so I was able to spend three days with friends and reserved my other days for soaking up the sun. I found that the remaining days of “me time” helped me to straighten out my priorities and assess my goals for the rest of the year without feeling like I had to get started right away. It was the longest period of time this year I have spent thinking about something other than the much anticipated AP Euro test coming up in a few weeks.

Although I had a great time, I certainly missed my parents’ constant nagging to coat my fair skin in sunscreen. The trip was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate and re-center before returning to school and buckling down to finish the year! It was a vacation free of worrying about the needs of those around me. I now completely understand why parents hire babysitters to watch their children while running child friendly errands- they need time to themselves, time to refocus, re-center and not have to be out of their minds with worry.

This vacation opened my eyes to the necessary idea that I need to have time to myself, without family or the stress of school. I find myself craving that peace in my everyday routine, but a busy schedule and loads of homework have prevented it. I’m sure many HB girls have similar needs, and the intense environment of our school can prevent taking a second for yourself. Like anyone, I am still figuring out how to manage school, sports and friends, but my eyes have been opened to the possibility of having “me time” more often.