Dancing with the Stars

by Audra Keresztesy

Every Tuesday morning, I walk into school buzzing with the excitement of Monday night’s “Dancing with the Starts” episode. Who do I talk to about it? No one. Every person I ask either doesn’t watch the show or “used to” watch the show. Their reasoning is most often that they think it’s dumb or boring, even if they have never watched it. I’m here to bring back the DWTS craze and help everyone understand the greatness of this show. Here are some of the many reasons to tune in every Monday night at 8pm!

dwtspros.jpg.jpg dwtsstars.jpg.jpg

  • Every week has a theme with awesome costumes and fun songs. Some of my favorite theme weeks are Disney Week, Most Memorable Year (Week), and Iconic Dances Week.
  • Dancing is really fun to watch. Every couple has to dance every type of dance at some point and it’s really cool to see the different variations and interpretations.
  • The stars actually learn to dance! Obviously the stars are famous for something other than dancing, but by the end of the competition, they could be the pros.
  • Every week, a couple is eliminated, so there is some tension and mystery. There have been some shockers in the past, so there’s no real way to anticipate the outcome.
  • Dance-offs! Instead of the same routine every week, sometimes there are dance-offs between couples in which the audience can live-vote online during the dance to determine the winner.
  • Before every dance, there is a collection of clips from the week’s rehearsals and some of the videos are so funny! The relationships the stars have with the pros really grow and they have so much fun.
  • Live singers! Even if you don’t enjoy dancing, sometimes a live performer will join the show to accompany a couple in their dance. Some notable performers have been Jason Derulo, Elle King, and James Bay.
  • Have you seen the professional dancers? These people are so fit it’s crazy. They’re also really fun teachers and incredible choreographers. Every dance on the show is choreographed by the pros in one week, so it’s pretty impressive.
  • There are plenty of commercial breaks to run and grab snacks, if that’s something that is as important to you as it is me.
  • The current season (Season 22) isn’t even near its finale, so you can start watching right now- it’s never too late to start!

Hopefully some of these reasons will at least get you to YouTube some dances and maybe even watch the show. In the meantime, if anyone already watches “Dancing with the Stars,” we should chat sometime and discuss our predictions. Remember to check out ABC on Monday nights at 8 pm!