Bucket List

by Leonela Serrano

Every single person I know has a bucket list and it seems that a lot of them have the same goals which seem to have become incredibly generic but hold a different meaning for each of us. At 15, I haven’t had much experience with really anything other than school meaning that my bucket list just has me doing a lot of stuff that I really want to experience. Recently, my great aunt turned 80 and I was wondering what was left on her bucket list because she’s literally done everything that seems to be on my bucket list.


My Bucket List:

  1. Travel. Everywhere.

2. Travel

  1. Get a boyfriend
  2. Make money

1. money

  1. Go to college
  2. Learn another language
  3. Get a job


My Great Aunt’s Bucket List:

  1. Be surrounded by family

5 Family

  1. Give love to everyone I know
  2. Be healthy

3. Healthy

  1. Surround myself with happiness

4. Happy



These two bucket lists are really different. I’m more focused on experiencing life at the fullest without worrying about my family or my health because I just assume that they will constantly be there. My aunt, on the other hand, is focused on family and her health, and it’s put a lot of things in perspective because I’m reminded that those are two very important things in my life that I never put as much attention as I should.