The Worst Things That Could Happen During an In Car-and Really Did

by Maggie Amjad

One of the many horrors of training for your driving test is eight hours in a car with a complete stranger. These in car teachers are known for their gossip and maneuverability tricks. There are bound to be awkward moments, but remember just be happy your in car didn’t go like these girls did.

  1. Oh, Deer!: During one student’s first in car, she encountered a deer and in an effort to avoid hitting it she slammed on the breaks causing her in car teacher to go into a screaming frenzy. Luckily, no teachers or students or deer were harmed. -Colleen Lux ‘18
  2. Unfortunate Nicknames: I once sped, and when my in car instructor inquired about my speed, I lied in an attempt to make myself look better. My in car instructor slyly looked at the speedometer catching me in the act and from then on called me speedy.  -Maggie Amjad ‘18
  3. The Overly Chatty Instructor: During my first in car, I came ready to drive but instead spent the first hour of my in car sitting in a parking lot. My driving instructor would not let my  drive the car until our hour long chat covering everything you could possibly want to know about driving was completed. -Claire Yohann ‘18
  4. Slushies for one: I was asked to drive my instructor to a 7-11 so he could buy a slushie. Unfortunately, I was never given the opportunity to get my own slushie or any other type of food.    -Nell Bruckner ‘17
  5. Fast Food for One: In order to prevent fatigue, one instructor made me walk around the McDonald’s parking lot because “two hours is a really long time to drive, and you are not super woman.” After my quick stroll, I was instructed to drive to Burger King so the instructor could get dinner. -Audra Keresztesy ‘18
  6. Musical Madness: During another in car, an intense discussion concerning music transpired and the instructor did not believe that I know who Jimmy Hendrix is and then continued to quiz me on Woodstock because once again he refused to believe a sixteen-year-old could know what Woodstock was. -Audra Keresztesy ‘18
  7. The Gossip: One Overbeke instructor is the point person for Cleveland gossip. He can tell you anything about anyone and is happy to share the problems of his past students with his new students. -All students of Pete from Overbeke
  8. Running into friends, and Cones: During one of my own in cars, I saw another HB student driving the maneuverability course. Distracted by my sighting of a familiar face, I ran into a cone, disappointing my instructor. -Maggie Amjad ‘18
  9. The ‘Possessed’ Car: Alley Keresztesy’s instructor repeatedly told her the car had a mind of its own and it would take them to Burger King. In response, Alley drove past Burger King proving her instructor wrong. -Alley Keresztesy ‘16


As awkward as in cars can get, they are completely worth it in the process of getting your license. It is really helpful to learn the ropes of the road from someone other than your parents. The instructors maybe a little crazy and very strange, but just be thankful that whoever you are stuck with doesn’t do any of the crazy things listed above.