HB Spring Break Trips 2016

by Lilly Rothschild

The long awaited HB Spring Break trips are almost here- what a thrill! Mr. Vogel is excited, the travelers are packed, and the whole HB community is ready to hear all the awesome stories that HB Global Scholars will bring back.

I was able to talk with the trip chaperones and a few students who will be traveling abroad with HB over break. Hopefully this give you more insight on what the trips are about.

When  I spoke with Mr. Vogel and asked him about why this year is unique for the Center for Global Citizenship, he said it was because this year there are more trips going to the non-western world. He also said these trips are so special because they are conducive to our school developing relationships with these countries.


Molly Gleydura, Sophomore

What are you most excited for?

“Oh wow- I’m getting to experience the culture and figuring out how to work through problems because I can only speak French for two weeks. And the food. And I’m going to Disney World Paris.”

Why did you choose this trip?

“I chose this trip because I have always wanted to go to France. If I were to choose one place to go in the world I would go to France and it is finally happening.”

Madam DeConingh, Upper School French

What are the themes of your trip and why?

“We are working with two diff school we have been working with or at least ten years and have had several exchanges come together with teachers and decide on a common theme, which is water this year. We are all very interested in water and the environment. As we all [the French and American students and teachers] live near bodies of water, we decided the theme together. It is a unit for the girls to really know about the importance of water.”

Can you give me a short summary of the itinerary?

“The trip is based in Paris and we will get familiar with its landmarks. This year for the first time, we are going to Normandy. We are going to the most famous cooking school in the world, Le Cordon Bleu. This trip is building relationships with the French students and their families.  We will be extending relationships and getting to know families living the French lifestyle. This is not really a touristic trip- we are getting to know the authentic French culture through the eyes of Parisian family, which is priceless.”


Alley Keresztesy, Senior

What are you most excited for?

“I am most excited to celebrate Holi in India. I think it will be a really neat holiday to celebrate while we are there. I am also really excited to be on a plane- the flight is going to be very long and I am excited to be back traveling which I haven’t done in a long time. One of my greatest excitements is to eat authentic Indian food which I do not think I will have many chances to do outside of India.”

Why did you choose this trip?

“I chose this trip because I have always been interested in traveling to India. I don’t think there will be many more opportunities for me to go to that side of the world, and I think that traveling with the girls that are going with me will be a truly unique experience in that I will be experiencing it with girls my own age.”

Ms. Geaghan, Upper School Librarian

What are the themes of your trip and why?

“This is an immersion experience and a cultural exchange, so we look at the status of women and girls and their changing role, religious diversity, Indian politics and more. Aarohi is one of our NGO’s as well as Gene Campaign where we will be working with women farmers and meeting with the women weavers of Kumoan.”

Can you give me a short summary of the itinerary?

“We will be in New Dehli for a day where we can get used to the pace of India, learn about our host families, learn about the culture and get ready to take a train to Lakshmi Ashram, which is a girls school set up by the teachings and theories of Ghandi. We will be celebrating Holi while we are there and we will be staying with families and then we come back.”


Anna Wen, Sophomore

What are you most excited for?

“I think I am most excited for learning the culture of Argentina and speaking Spanish in a different place than in the classroom. Learning what daily life is like in another country will be really cool.”

Why did you choose this trip?

“I chose this trip partly for the language and partly because it also interested me because I have never been to South America before. It is a very interesting country!”

Ms. Butcher, Upper School Spanish

What are the themes of your trip and why?

“The themes that were chosen were history, culture, politics, economics, and language. The essence of the program is history and culture.”

Can you give me a short summary of the itinerary?

“We are going to the capital of Buenos Aires and we will be exploring its culture, history and traditions. We are also going to be visiting various neighborhoods and a private bilingual school. We are going to a typical farm, we are going to go to a gaucho fiesta where we are going to dance the tango and learn the art of silversmithing, and then we crossing the river into colonia de Sacramento to learn about the past and present of that colonial history and then come home totally exhausted. “


Halle Wasser, Sophomore

How do you feel about eating bugs?

“I’m kind of nervous to eat the tarantula but all the kids from last year said that they don’t actually taste that bad…”

What are you most excited for?

“I am really excited to ride the elephants and bike ride through Ankor Wat.”

Why did you choose this trip?

“I like the variety of different activities that we will be doing and I talked to the kids from last year and they had a really great time.”

Ms. Ettore, Middle School Athletic Director

What are the themes of your trip and why?

“Well I think we are trying to express to the girls as travelers how to take a breath from the life of a Cambodian. Try to have honest conversations. See historical sites. History hopefully will not repeat itself if we talk out loud and openly.”

Can you give me a short summary of the itinerary?

“We get to spend a lengthy amount of time Phnom Penh, which is the capital, to see some of the highlights. We will meet different NGOs there supporting children. We are going to a wildlife alliance. We will go to national museums. After, we then head over to Campot, which is much more rural then, we will go to Rabbit Island and take a boat there. We will see what river life looks life. We are also going to Siem Reap.”

British Virgin Islands

Don Southard, Upper School Chemistry

What are the themes of your trip and why?

“Sailing, learning how to sail a boat, and learning how to live in close corners on a boat-eight nights on boat!! The girls will do all of the cooking. Of course we will snorkel a lot. It is an exhilarating feeling when we can cut the engine and we are sailing all by the wind.“

Can you give me a brief itinerary of your trip?

“We will first go to the caves of Norman Island where Black Beard the pirate was. We will go to the Indians and we will snorkel the Indians and we will snorkel the underwater tunnels. We will go to Jost van Dyke, which is an island, and we will spend a day on the white beach. Then we will go to a place called the Bubbly Pool where we will hike- this is where the Atlantic Ocean forms big bubbles. We will go to the Bathes of Virgin Gorda, which are huge rock formations the size of houses. We will also snorkel the wreck of the Rhone. Rhone is a mail ship, which sunk in a storm in the 1800’s. And of course we will see thousands and thousands of fish.


Katharine Bradley, Junior

What are you most excited for?

“I am so excited to meet all of the people! I can’t wait to do the home visits and play soccer with all of the little kids I will meet.”

Why did you choose this trip?

“Let’s see- the trip to Belize involves medicine and I have been thinking of going into an occupation involving medicine. This trip will allow me to dive into that.” There’s no doubt that all the HB students are ready for Spring Break, but those who will be traveling may just be the most excited. Happy Spring Break to all!

P.S. These are not all of the trips HB is taking this year- Middle School students will be taking trips to Panama and Quebec and this summer, Upper School trips include Zambia, Colombia, and Australia.