HathCaff Review

by Arielle DeVito

The school has been buzzing – both with talk and caffeine – about the Learning Commons’ newest addition: the much-anticipated HathCaff! Now free from having to wake up early and drive to Starbucks before school, students crowd the library’s squishy furniture eagerly and wait in lines (or throngs) for their daily dose of coffee, and while they’re at it, perhaps a bagel or a snack.

What are the best things about the HathCaff? Is it entirely advantageous, or are there some downsides? As someone who gags at so much as the smell of coffee, my experiences in the café are minimal, so I figured I wasn’t the best person to answer these questions – instead, I asked a few students for their thoughts.

The Good Stuff:

  • They have really high quality coffee, especially in comparison to the cafeteria coffee
  • Their drinks are really good which is very impressive since everyone there is just learning how to make them
  • They offer a surprisingly large selection for a just-starting, student-run business, which is impressive
  • It’s helpful that they have light, medium, and dark roasts (especially for those who find dark coffee too bitter)
  • The pastries are delicious, and the bagels are beloved by all
  • The people who work there are very cheerful, cordial, and considerate of customers
  • The prices are definitely reasonable
  • They have a good variety of teas (varietea?)
  • The food is always fresh and tastes good

Things That Could Be Better:

  • It might be helpful if they posted somewhere what type of roast they’re using for the regular coffee that day
  • The order-pay-pickup process could be streamlined, perhaps by having one person for each job or separate areas at the counter
  • It can take a long time to place your order and get your drink, especially during busy times like the beginning of lab
  • It can be a bit hectic, especially during lab, though things may very well smooth out with practice and time, and once the hype dies down
  • The Learning Commons is, after all, a library, and people were used to using it as a quiet study space, but the HathCaff can be a bit loud

In the end, it seems like the students are sated and well-caffeinated for the most part, and very impressed with the HathCaff’s large selection and high quality right from the get-go. With a few small improvements in response time and organization, I think everyone will be satisfied!

The students who contributed their opinions to this article are Reagan Brady, Maggie Gehrlein, Emma Picht, and Chloe Schwartz.