by Caroline Lettrich

Some people really enjoy the hustle and bustle of airports before a vacation, while others consider it the bane of their entire vacation experience. From arriving at the airport to soaking in the sun at your favorite Floridian resort or eating exotic food on your next international adventure, there’s a way to approach airports where they can act as an asset to your vacation.

We all know that security can be stressful and all too hectic while the overly-serious TSA agent stands at their podium while you hope you won’t encounter an awkward pat down. The most important thing while going through security is to stay calm and just let it happen around you. Cooperate, but don’t get too invested in all that’s going on. Is it really the worst thing that you have to take our your laptop for a couple seconds? If that’s all you have to do to remain safe, than it’s probably in your best interest to just go with it.

Make sure to bring something non-electronic to keep you entertained on a long flight just in case you can’t use an electronic, and you also could take it as a time where you can challenge yourself to read that book you’ve wanted to read but have had no time to. Also, you can catch up on some sleep. Make sure you’re not intruding into other people’s spaces though, and keep your seat at a position that’s not obnoxious to the other passengers around you. Also, making sure you wear something where you can be comfortable yet would not be embarrassed if you saw someone you know.

Remember overall to embrace the whole experience of being able to travel on a plane. It’s a really cool experience, so let it pique your interest. Respect the airline workers who work crazy hours and enjoy your flight.