Why You Should Submit to Retrospect

by Ela Passarelli

As the chance to submit to Retrospect is slowly slipping away (March 8th is the deadline), many people in the writing center are working hard to design and put the magazine together. To make it as great as it can be, everyone should submit at least one thing to contribute to this awesome collection of writing, art, comics, photography, and more. Here are some of the most prominent people in the writing center on why you should submit.

“It’s a matter of life and death!” -M. Ciuni

“You should submit to Retrospect because your voice matters. As a community, the more we all communicate our authentic selves through our art, our opinions, our reflections, our poetry, our humor, our music, through whatever mode feels right — the more we do that, the better and stronger we are individually and collectively. The magazine is a reflection of who are at this moment in time, and one thing I hope we can all be is unafraid to be seen and heard for who we really are. That’s not easy — and it wasn’t something I was fully capable of as a high school student. But every day at HB I’m inspired by how strongly the students here live out that lack of fear and do so through creativity that is more alive than anything I’ve ever seen before. That’s what makes each issue of Retrospect so amazing, and that’s why you should submit work to it.” -S. Parsons

“This is a chance to share your voice with a community that needs to hear you. Please do it. You wonderful people have things to say, write, art, etc. Send it our way!” -M. Ritter

“Think about how cool it will be to see your name in print!!! You’ll be published at the age of 15! 16? 17? 18?”-A. Lietman

As someone who isn’t an editor, I would like to say that simply reading the magazine filled with works by people I know is very inspiring. I think that everyone’s art and writing has something unique and interesting in it, and even if you are scared to submit, it’s worth trying because the worst thing that can happen is that nothing is accepted (it happened to me last year, it’s not so bad.) While there are many more reasons to submit (like the fact that you will have your work in a shiny, pretty magazine), hopefully these quotes have given you some encouragement to go ahead and put your work out there. You don’t have much time!

You can submit work here: