Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

by Grace Amjad

Now that it’s officially March, I think we have all started our count down to spring break. I mean I know I have, and we are extra lucky because we have two weeks off, when most schools only have one week for spring break. But I don’t think the time period is what we are looking forward to, it is our destination we are all waiting for. So here are the top spring break destinations according to me:

1. Cruises

Cruises are great because, number one you are going to four or five different places for a day. This gives you a sample of so many different places and if you are looking for a new vacation spot, cruises give you a little platter of wonderfully warm spots. And number two everything you could possibly need for that week or so is on the boat, except wifi. Unless you pay the ridiculous amount of money needed to get wifi on a boat, you are disconnected for the entire time you are gone, and while your snapchat streaks may not like it, it is a great was to relax without a phone in your hand. However, after going on a few cruises you start to repeat, which is fine, but sometimes this is not a good permanent option, because of that.

2. Key west

As we all know Key West is in the Florida Keys at the very bottom, and although it is swarming with chickens, it is an awesome stop to stay for a spring break vacation. There are so many cute little shops and restaurants, and the little island is so fun to explore. My family’s favorite restaurant in Key West is called Blue Heaven, it is an amazing restaurant that is a regular when we visit there. Along with the shops, Key West is home the house of Ernest Hemingway, and amazing author, and sunset pier my personal favorite place in the Keys. It is the best, well at sun set because there are lots street performers, and really good food.

3. Key Largo

This key was my family’s vacation spot last year, and it was a huge success. We rented a condo in a resort called the Mariners club, and stayed there for one great week. Although Key Largo doesn’t have beaches, there are still great opportunities to be in the water both at the resort, and and other places. We stopped at Pennekamp park a few times, to snorkel, kayak, and paddle board and much more. There is also a little ice cream shop, or a few of them called Mr. C’s ice cream, and it was AMAZING, we went there multiple times because we all loved it so much. It is one of the top most keys, and it mostly has local shops and restaurant, so you can get a feel for the culture down in the keys.

4. Hollywood beach

This beach is the only one my family and I go to in Florida, it is a beautiful, big beach in South beach, right next to Fort Lauderdale. It is across the street from a bunch of very nice hotels, so it is easy to get to it, and it has the one of the best pizza places I have ever been to. It is called Primanti Brothers pizza, and I am really serious when I say it is amazing, and Mr. Parsons’ pizza reheating must do wonders to make this pizza even better than it already is. I love this beach so much, and will always be a loyal follower and you should too!

5. Cleveland

This one doesn’t need much explaining, and even though we already live in The Land, sometimes it is nice to just lay in bed for two weeks straight. I mean it gives you plenty of time to binge watch an entire show or two.