Top 10 Pizza Places

by Zoey Zelman

To me (and probably everyone who enjoys life and being happy), pizza is an extremely important food that can be consumed literally any time of day. There are so many ways for one to enjoy pizza, like the variety in toppings, how it can be cooked, the crust options, and much much more. BUT there is one topic about pizza that whenever it is brought up, people will go at each other and argue for their favorite. Pretty much, everyone has their favorite pizza place and they will fight for their pizza as much as the want. One’s favorite could be Domino’s or Zeppe’s or Papa Johns, but it all depends on the person and what their crust to sauce to cheese ratio is. So, here is (according to me because I enjoy pizza a little too much) the Top 10 Pizza places:

10. Marco’s Pizza: according to a fellow researcher, Marco’s Pizza is disgusting. It’s greasy, the crust is flimsy, and the cheese tastes extremely fake. I would recommend CiCi’s before I would recommend Marco’s. Rate: -2/10

9. CiCi’s Pizza: I’ve gotten pizza from this place like two times, and each time I told myself “I’m never eating pizza from here again.” The crust is thin, the cheese is wayyy too over cooked, and there never seems to be a good sauce to cheese ratio on each slice. Rate: 1/10

8. Donatos Pizza: personally, the cheese pizza from this place is pretty darn good, but when my fellow researcher looked at the pepperoni pizza she said “it looks like they’re trying to hide something”, which I mean if you look at a picture of their pepperoni pizza, it really does look like they’re trying to hide something. Rate: 3/10

7. Little Caesars: This place, even though the commercials are pretty annoying, is actually pretty good. Their crust is a little bit on the thin side, but their sauce to cheese ratio is a solid ratio. I don’t eat here a lot, but when I do I’m pleasantly surprised. Rate: 4.5/10

6. Sbarro: this is the pizza that I usually would get at the airport, because it’s quick and easy to eat. It’s a New York style pizza place, which is the best type of pizza obviously, but it’s not the

5. Domino’s Pizza: This pizza is a fan favorite for a lot of people, but personally I can do without it. Their sauce is pretty good and their crust is ok, but the bottom of their pizza has way to much corn starch on the bottom and their cheese tastes like cardboard. Rate: 6/10

4. Papa John’s: This place is my favorite pizza delivery place, but not my favorite pizza place in general. Their crust is nice and fluffy, and their cheese to sauce ratio is on point, but they still need work on getting the pizza to the consumer on time. Rate: 7.5/10

3. California Pizza Kitchen: I grew up with this place, and their pizza only got better. Even though the crust for me is personally too thin, everything else about their pizza is amazing. Also, their topping choices and their personal pizzas are great. Rate: 8/10

2. Dewey’s Pizza: I had a hard time choosing between this place and my number one pizza place as my favorite because both are so good. What makes Dewey’s so good is that the chefs who make the pizza make a specialty pizza every month and their super creative with what they can make a pizza with. Also, just thinking about their pizza is making my mouth water. Rate

1. Marotta’s Pizza: this place even though it’s not that known to the public (even though it should be known) IS THE BEST PIZZA PLACE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO HANDS DOWN. They have mastered the art of making a great New York style pizza, and I’d pretty much eat anything they would make, even if there was mushrooms on it. Rate: infinity/10

So pretty much these are my top ten favorite pizza places. As you can tell, I’m pretty passionate about god’s gift to the world. In any given situation, I would choose pizza over anything (that just shows how great my priorities are). If you have a different opinion about this list, or if I didn’t mention your favorite, please tell me so I can further indulge myself into my addiction to this food!!!!