4 Fake Presidential Website Links That You Should Know About

by Kathy Wang

1. BernieforPresident.com


“It’s never too early to start thinking about 2016! Who says Hillary is a shoe in! Vote now!”

This website contains a poll between which Bernie to vote for, Bernie Sanders, or Bernie Lomax.

Funnily enough, Bernie Lomax is currently winning the poll, having around 61% of the votes, while Bernie Sanders has 39% of the votes.

2. HillaryClinton.net

This website redirects to Donald Trump’s official campaign website. It is very similar to Jebbush.com, which also redirected to Donald Trump’s campaign. Unfortunately, Jebbush.com has recently stopped redirecting, and is an empty page with Google ads.

3. Loser.com

Though Jebbush.com may not be working anymore, there is another website that redirects to something Donald Trump related. The website started redirecting to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page when he lost the Iowa caucus. Previously, the website redirected to Kanye West’s Wikipedia page during the height of his Twitter rants during January and the beginning of February.

4. HillaryClinton2016.com


This website has a layout similar to a regular news website. However, all the articles are real news articles that all oppose and criticize Hillary Clinton.

Sources: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/02/17/jebbush-com-redirects-to-trumps-site-but-wait-till-you-see-where-tedcruzforamerica-com-goes/