La Niña after El Niño

by Claire McKenna

The weather phenomenon of this winter, El Niño, has been very controversial in the eyes of American citizens. Some love the unusual warm weather in the winter, while others are still hoping for the temperature to drop and the snow to come. However, everyone will be surprised to know that just when we thought the weather abnormality was going to stop there is another one coming our way! There is almost an 80% chance that we will encounter a sister to El Niño. Although La Niña does not directly affect the United states it will change the weather and temperatures in areas like Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It will make the rainfall increase, and can bring severe storms to those areas. This type of weather can also have a positive effect on countries. The fishing industries tend to improve during La Niña. This is due to the cold water coming up closer to the shores.

El nino vs la nina

Storm patterns like La Niña are only supposed to happen once in about 15 years, but scientists say that the amount of strange weather patterns will rise. They have not identified a specific cause of the influx in these occurrences yet. The way that scientists have predicted La Niña was by researching the normal patterns of the cooling of the ocean and then applied these conditions to the ocean temperature after El Niño. The ocean temperature is much higher than normal, so the cooling patterns will be thrown off. It is predicted that these patterns will influence the weather of next winter as well!

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