by Molly Gleydura and Audra Keresztesy

Have you ever walked through the halls of Hathaway Brown School and felt like you were in a museum more than in a school? Awards, photos, and memorabilia line the walls of the school and display the legacy of so many women who have come before us since the school began. Most of these things are self-explanatory and obvious as to what they are, but there are a few mysteries. Some things you see every day might leave you with questions that we are here to answer.

Painting of Nancy Caraboolad, Her Center, and Her Pots


The Nancy Caraboolad Hayes Center for the Arts was created in 2001. This center was named after the HB alum that graduated in the 1970s. A painting of her can be found on the bottom floor of the atrium in between the middle school music room and the black box theater. Nancy had always loved the arts, so her parents decided to honor her life by donating money to create a beautiful space to continue educating other generations. Nancy died after a battle with cancer, but before her death she continued her pursuit in the arts- the pottery that surrounds the painting was crafted by Nancy herself. This center includes the Middle School art room, the Black Box Theater, the scene shop, the Prime art room, and the Upper School choral room. Clearly this space is well loved and to quote middle school music teacher, Deb Southard, “I knew this space would be comfortable and beautiful but I had no idea how it would impact my teaching! Now I can make my teaching worthy of this spectacular space and worthy of the fresh, young artists who enter it.” (Tradition and Transformation: A History of Educating Girls at Hathaway Brown School, 1876-2006).

The Fountain


The fountain in the back of the school was a gift to Hathaway Brown in honor of beloved Latin teacher, Miss Grace Waymouth, who taught at HB for 30 years. The fountain was installed in 1931 and was given by Mary Otis Brooks and her daughter, Ann Otis Duell. The fountain can be a difficult image to figure out from a distance. The fountain depicts two cranes, one with a frog caught in its beak. The frog is where the water pours out. Unfortunately, we can’t have the fountain filled all the time, but when it is running, it makes the campus look even more beautiful. Some times that you might see the fountain in action are Alumnae Weekend in the spring, the 4th Grade celebration, and Commencement at the beginning of the summer.

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