by Amaia Calhoun

Did you know that according to CNN, Cleveland is the 10th most innovative city in America? Other cities in the top 10 include New York City, Boston, and San Francisco. Cleveland is applauded for things like its food programs, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) program, and its sustainability program.

Cleveland has recently embraced the idea of mobile farmer’s markets. An example is the Bridgeport Mobile Market. It is a refrigerated box truck that contains fresh produce from the Kinsman Farm, Orlando Bakery bread and buns, and Green City Growers butter lettuce. The truck travels around Monday-Friday to various sites on the eastside of Cleveland (visit the link below to see the complete schedule). This is Bridgeport’s third year serving Eastsiders through their mobile market.


Cleveland has superior public transportation, including the BRT line called the HealthLine. Generally, BRT programs are public transit solutions that allow for higher capacities, lower costs, and betters urban mobility. Cleveland’s HealthLine was one of the first in the country and designates a separate lane just for buses. The line runs between the Tower City & Public Square area and the Louis Stokes Station at Windermere along Euclid Avenue and University Circle. It is called the HealthLine because it passes by the Cleveland Clinic and other hospitals in University Circle.


Cleveland’s sustainability program is called Sustainable Cleveland 2019 and is located in Tower City. The main goal of this program is to create a sustainable economy through economic accomplishments, social exuberance, and environmentally beneficial practices in Cleveland in the years leading up to 2019. The culmination of these three aspects, 10 years after Sustainable Cleveland’s creation in 2009, will benefit the city’s economy. An annual Sustainability Summit is held by Mayor Jackson to closely align these three aspects by reporting community progress and creating a future agenda. Highlights from all past summits are available online at


As Clevelanders, we know that these are just three of the many innovations that make up our city. Our fantastic museums, incredible restaurants, and inexpensive housing (compared to other cities) aid in creating an environment where people, both young and old, want to live. I encourage everyone to learn more about the awesome city we live in- have fun exploring Cleveland!

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