by Kathy Wang

As we all know, Trump currently has the lead over all the other Republican candidates, with 41% of Republicans saying that they would rather vote for Trump than for any other candidate.


However, the Iowa caucus didn’t reflect these statistics, with Ted Cruz having 28% of the votes, and Donald Trump having 24% of the votes.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were actually head to head, with the results being too close to determine in many of the districts, that the winner had to be determined with a coin flip. In the end, Hillary Clinton won most of the districts, and the final score was 49.9% of the votes to Hillary and 49.6% of the votes to Bernie.

However, these results quickly turned around in both parties at the New Hampshire primary election.


The winner of the New Hampshire primary for the Republican party was once again, Trump. He bypassed all the other Republican candidates by winning 10 of the districts of New Hampshire’s votes. Surprisingly, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio did not come in second to Trump. Ohio’s very own John Kasich came in second to Trump by winning 4 district nomination votes. Bush, Cruz, and Rubio tied third place at 3 district nomination votes.

The difference in winners for the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary is astounding. Bernie Sanders won this round, having 15 district nomination votes. Hillary Clinton came second to Bernie, having 9 district nomination votes.