by Maya Razmi

Whether we are learning about public speaking in Global Scholars, or persuasive in our English papers, we are learning to speak out. Donald Trump, a frontrunner in the Republican party, is also speaking out. He is especially known for his controversial ideas, such as his to ban Muslims. Walking through the hallways, I’ve heard many people ask, “Why do people even listen to Donald Trump?” There are many reasons as to why this might be possible.

Here are a few.

According to The Nation, Trump gets 23 times as much coverage as Bernie Sanders. In the past few months, much of the media focuses on Trump and his campaign because of how outrageous it may seem. Furthermore, Trump is also well known outside of political circles since he is a business man. Therefore, when he speaks out, it has a farther reach than when someone in the GOP says something. We laugh at Donald Trump jokes, or memes, but we don’t laugh as much about Ben Carson. Why? Because “The Donald” says outrageous things that are widely covered by the media.

However, Donald Trump also has a wide appeal to people. Many people are frustrated because their problems are not being solved and disapprove of the way Obama is solving them or not solving them. Trump has a way of speaking to the people, sometimes in a guttural manner, that everyone understands. When he speaks, he’s confident but he speaks in a manner different from most politicians.

Although Donald Trump may not provide solvency for many problems, he has a way of reaching out to the people. For example, in his TV advertisement, he says, “We’ll figure it out.” Hearing this, along with his blunt way of stating problems, he sounds convincing, and reaches out to the American public. However, he never specifies what it is. In short, Trump preys upon the insecurities and complaints about current Americans.

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