by Yardena Carmi

Comics. They’re pretty great. Whether you’re an old fan looking for the next thing to read or someone just trying them out, this list of suggestions from a school-wide survey (and me) has got your back!



Zita the Spacegirl

This light-hearted space adventure follows a young girl named Zita who disappears through a portal into a world of con-men, aliens and robots, doomed planets, and ancient prophecies. There, she finds her place as a hero.


SuperMutant Magic Academy

In this awesome and hilarious book, immortality, having a lizard head, being the chosen one, and falling in love with your best friend are just some of the problems that plague high-schoolers at the SuperMutant Magic Academy.



Bone is a classic fantasy adventure. Three shapeless blobs enter a beautiful valley plagued by a mysterious evil, go on a journey of self-discovery…you know the drill.



A princess tired of waiting around to be rescued goes out on her own adventures in this highly acclaimed comic.




Webcomics turned out to be surprisingly popular in the Upper School

Sarah’s Scribbles (webcomic)

Sarah’s Scribbles is a series of semi-autobiographical comic strips about random things.


The Oatmeal (webcomic)

The Oatmeal covers a wide range of topics from cars to cats and everything in between. Heads up for some…risqué language.


xkcd  (webcomic)

Self-described as “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”, xkcd is a pretty cheerful collection of strips about a slew of subjects, punctuated with stick figures.


Calvin and Hobbes

The classic comic about a little kid and his imaginary friend, and all of their hijinks together.



Realistic Fiction:


This comic is adorable, even if it’s technically a fantasy. Hildafolk is about growing up, dealing with change, and making friends, plus the illustrations are just so, so pretty.


American Born Chinese

This coming of age story about a young Chinese-American boy, an ancient monkey god, and the all-American popular kid is just the bomb! THE BOMB. The writing is great.



An accident sets the main character on a long journey of orthodontia, along which she also has to deal with friends and boy trouble.



Tintin is a classic and very popular series about a young journalist who solves mysteries. They’re funny and Sherlock Holmes-ey, but also contain pretty dated and occasionally offensive ideas and images, so…warning.


Special mention: Persepolis

This was the second most popular comic on the survey, but almost everyone has or is going to read it, so yeah.



Fullmetal Alchemist

The most recommended comic in the survey, Fullmetal Alchemist is about two brothers who dabble in dark magic only to pay a terribly high price. Now, they travel in order to find the treasure that will set things right.



Though not technically a manga, this comic is about a grieving brother and sister who get sucked into a strange fantasy land in pursuit of their kidnapped mother.


One Punch Man

“One Punch Man is a parody of the superhero and shonen genre, featuring a character that is so strong everything is boring.” – Alison Xin




Thor: Goddess of Thunder

In this recent Thor storyline, the God of Thunder loses his hammer and his powers, only for them to be picked up by a mysterious woman…which doesn’t make him too happy. Note to anyone who is confused: the comics don’t always correspond with the movies.



One of the most acclaimed Marvel comics of the past few years, Hawkeye is funny, well-drawn, and full of action! It also serves as a gentle introduction to the Marvel Universe.


Ms. Marvel

The latest incarnation of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Kahn is a girl from New Jersey who suddenly gains extraordinary powers. She is also a Muslim superhero, which is pretty darn neat!



This incredibly prolific comic follows a group of superheroes into their decline.



Favorite Author:


HB’s official favorite author, Derf is a local comic artist. Check out his books Trashed, or My Friend Dahmer!



All images from Goodreads or the comic’s website