New Year’s Resolutions, Con

by Grace Amjad

Now that it’s a month or so into the new year, how many of us are still committed to our new year’s resolutions? Probably not many, right? But that is how it always goes. On New Year’s Eve, we feel pressured to make a resolution, a life changing thing to do this next year. I have stopped trying to make resolutions all together because I know that the only reason I ever made them was because I felt pressured by everyone else saying, “I am going to change this and that,” and, “New year, new me.” But the thing is, if you are not 100% invested, or are just doing it because you feel you need to, then you will never continue with it, and there won’t be a new you in the new year. The way I see it, if you feel the need to change something about your life, big or small, it needs to be your choice. You need to say, “I want to do this thing because it will be good for me, and I will stick to it.” And if that so happens to be on New Year’s Eve, then that is that, and you can call it a resolution, or whatever you want to call it, but you should change when you want to change, not when everyone makes silly resolutions and you think you need to join the bandwagon.


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