by Haley Yahraus

Mr. Adler is a higher math teacher at HB, an experienced Taekwondo fighter, and overall a really neat guy.


Q: Why did you decide to become a math teacher?

A: “My wife said I had a lot of patience. I love math and science, but decided on math.”


Q: What got you interested in math?

A: “I always was, ever since I was young. Even when I was four. Though I was first interested in science, I realized that math was my passion.”


Q: What made you the person that you are today?

A: “My wife.”


Q: What did you do before you became a math teacher?

A: “Warehouse jobs, pizzeria jobs, then in the army.”


Q: What’s your favorite type of cheese?

A: “I like Swiss because it’s actually good for you—it helps your metabolism. These days I like blue cheese and mozzarella.”


Q: What’s your favorite jelly or jam to spread on toast?

A: “Apricot.”


Q: What is your experience with Taekwondo?

A: “I’m a black belt, so right now I’m getting my second-degree black belt.”


Q: Are you real?

A: “I… think, therefore I am. According to Descartes.”


Q: What do you think that means?

A: “I perceive space, I perceive time, I perceive other people, though I’m not sure that they exist.”


Q: What do you think makes someone a good person?

A: “I think when you’re being a person—it’s looking at someone and not looking at the way they look. Just not jumping to conclusions, because you never know why people do the things they do.”