by Val Mischka

Valentines Day, it’s either the most romantic or the loneliest day for you. If you’re going to be alone this year, here are some things you can do to make your day a little brighter:

  • Sleep all day
  • Watch sappy movies – Titanic, The Notebook, or The Way We Were
  • Watch Chick Flicks – Clueless, She’s the Man, or Mean Girls
  • Eat all the ice cream you want
  • Order Pizza (stuffed crust of course!)
  • Throw an anti-valentine’s day party with your bitter friends
  • Play with your pets
  • Send flowers/chocolate to yourself
  • When in doubt, work out!
  • Netflix (the answer to every problem)
  • Read – Pride & Prejudice, A Walk to Remember, or Gone with the Wind
  • Go to a party
  • Buy yourself something special – like that Free People dress you’ve been eyeing for months
  • Go to a yoga class
  • Go on Spotify and listen to the “Life Sucks”, “Melancholia”, or “Down in the Dumps” playlists
  • Babysit (hey, at least you won’t be alone) (Plus, money = yay!)
  • Have a spa day
  • Hang out with your friends
  • Text the person who you want to spend the day with, maybe they are alone and want to be with you too!


No matter what you do, remember that Valentine’s Day is a day of spending time with the people you care about and the people who make you happy! So call, text, or visit your friends, family, and potential lovers, and let them know how you feel. I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine’s Day!