What To Do When There’s a Snow Day – A Complete Guide

by Arielle DeVito

  1. Don’t be on the swim team, or else you’ll find out that you could have still been in bed after you’ve already done way too many laps in the freezing water of the pool.
  2. Don’t live more than an hour away, either, or else you’re probably already practically out the door when you get the email.
  3. Wake up at your habitual too-early AM, wipe the crust off your eyes, and eventually get up to see that there must in fact have been the blizzard you hoped for.
  4. Squint at your phone until you find the email from Sue Sadler forbidding you from coming to school, then immediately curl back up into bed and fall asleep. Don’t regain consciousness for at least another 5 hours.
  5. Finally wake up to a concerned family member wondering if you want to take a shower at some point, or at least come out of there and eat or something, you can’t sleep all day, come on.
  6. Spend about thirty minutes staring at the ceiling before you actually get up.
  7. Spend another ten posting to various social media accounts about how excited you are to not have to go to school.
  8. After lingering over breakfast (lunch?), sit down at your desk and start reviewing all of the work you have to do.
  9. Feeling overwhelmed, tell yourself that it’s better to just get started.
  10. Complete approximately two math problems before you can’t figure something out.
  11. Switch to English and read over the same page about twelve times.
  12. Give up.
  13. Watch Netflix all day.
  14. Mourn the death of your productivity.

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