by Lizzie Crotty and Emily Coffey

Since winter is upon us and tis the season to embrace the outdoors, here are some thoughts from teachers around the hath about winter and some activities that they enjoy doing in these cold months:


Scott Parsons: “ I like hiking in the metro parks, going to the art museum. I mean, I like to sit at home by my fireplace. Those are my three favorite things. I also just like to walk around the shaker lakes.”

Kevin Purpura: “Oh god. I like watching the cavs. That works. I really hate the winter. I detest it.”

Michael Ciuni: “I like playing ice hockey in the old man league at Cleveland heights and I really like riding my bicycle. The colder the better”

Jenna Gordon: “I don’t do anything in Cleveland during the winter…..The best part about winter in Cleveland is that I get to go to Pittsburgh.”

Stephanie Hiedemann: “CROSS COUNTRY SKIING!”

Jamie Morse: “Well to be honest with you I like to huddle up in the house and enjoy the warmth. I love getting the Christmas tree, we (my wife and I) make a tradition out of it every year”


Other ideas for winter fun:

  • Visit the Cleveland aquarium’s winter wonderland
  • December days at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  • Tobogganing at the metropark Chalet
  • Go sledding!
  • Museum of Contemporary Art – Free Admission on the First Saturday of each month
  • Botanical gardens
  • Ride the Polar Express: at The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
  • Brite Winter Festival: the outdoor and indoor music festival in Ohio City
  • Boston Mills or Brandywine for skiing and tubing
  • Make a snowman
  • Have a snowball fight
  • If you like to play extreme:
  • Go to Cavs game
  • Go to a Monsters game
  • Snow days at Progressive Field
  • The rink at wade oval (free)
  • Zip city – zip lining and trampoline park
  • Snowshoeing at Penitentiary Glen Reservation – nearly 7 miles of trails with ranges of difficulty
  • Visit Stay-A-While Cat Shelter, a no kill shelter where cats roam
  • Go Earthcaching… look up a geological treasure map at All you need is a GPS and a sense of adventure
  • Take a trip to the south side to see the lights at blossom


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