by Morgan Whaley


Marc Scibilia

About: Marc Scibilia is a Buffalo born singer-songwriter who moved to the city of music—Nashville—to jumpstart his career. His music is infused with rock, pop, and folk/soul, with great lyrics top it all off.

Favorite Tracks: How Bad We Need Each Other, Jericho, When The World Breaks

How I found them: In an episode of one my favorite shows, Bones, where they featured the acoustic version of How Bad We Need Each Other.


About: Odessa is a indie folk pop singer with a soft voice and driving drum. She is from California and moved to Nashville to pursue music. She also played backup violin for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Favorite Tracks: Black Butterfly, I Will Be There, Hummed Low, My Match

How I found them: When I was watching the pilot of Red Band Society, her song I Will Be There played. While in hearing of their cancellation the majority of America stopped watching The Red Band Society, I kept listening to Odessa.

James Blake

About: James Blake creates electronic/experimental-based music made unique by his addition of piano and soulful voice. Blake is an English producer and singer-songwriter, which could explain his undeserved lack of popularity in the USA. Don’t let that stop you from listening; this guy is amazing!

Favorite Tracks: Retrograde, DLM, Life Round Here featuring Chance the Rapper

How I found them: If I remember correctly, it was a Spotify ad. I don’t think I have ever been so grateful of a Spotify advertisement. Probably since it wasn’t a commercial for horror movie.

Civil Twilight

About: Civil Twilight is a South African alternative band. The style of their music ranges depending on what album you are listening to. Their new album has more layered sounds compared to previous albums of piano based songs. One thing that is consistent in their songs is catchy lyrics.

Favorite Tracks: Story of an Immigrant, Human, Next to Me

How I found them: I have no clue. It just happened.

Matt Corby

About: I try not to be biased but Matt Corby is a musical genius if there ever was one. He was runner up on Australian Idol in 2007 (at age 16) and has since found his musical style of raw instrumentals (vocal harmonies and guitar) and purely poetic and mind clinging lyrics sung in his wide ranged soulful voice. He has yet to even release an album and I’m already in love! His first album, which he wrote while in a cabin on an isolated coast of Australia, is set to be ready in February.

Favorite Tracks: Resolution, Brother, Untitled, Monday

How I found them: I heard Resolution playing on my friend’s (Mckenzie Carter) phone and demanded to know who was singing. Bam. Life changed.

The Moxies

About: The Moxies is a local band, that recently got signed and moved to Nashville (shocker). They have a strong 50’s rock and roll vibe and their concerts, at venues like Agora and Grog Shop, get everyone involved. I once saw a 12 year old crowd surfing and a dance circle.

Favorite Tracks: Main Street Drive- In, Nightcrawler, Riverbed

How I found them: SAVANNAH O’SICKEY.


About: This 5-person band (with two main vocals) has a folk acoustic vibe and a cool name (which aim assuming is pronounced Towers). They are labeled a Christian group but relatable to all as their music is about grace and love of not just faith but life.

Favorite Tracks: Vanilla Pines, Belly of the Deepest Love, The Boy and His Shadow

How I found them: Browsing Spotify

Rozzi Crane

About: Rozzi Crane’s voice is the kind that makes your nose scrunch without even realizing, like when someone downs a perfect 3-pointer. I don’t know how she does it. This artist, like most today, started on YouTube, where she did covered songs and frequently collaborated with Pentatonix .She was discovered and signed by Adam Levine, which lead to a song with Maroon 5 that was in the feature film The Hunger Games. She has opened for Gavin Degraw, Parachute, and Owl City. She has covered Beyonce, Gnarls Barkley, Lauryn Hill, and Etta James.

Favorite Tracks: Crazy, Why Don’t You Love Me/Bust the Windows Out Your Car, Psycho

How I found them: I found her on YouTube!

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