by Sukhmani Kaur

The year 2016 promises to be exciting, fun-filled, and memorable. It is unbelievable that January has sneaked by us. Let’s get  discuss some of the upcoming events of 2016…

1: February 29th, 2016

Every year four years, the calendar has an extra day on February 29th. The year’s last 2 digits are always divisible by 4, so the next one will be in 2020! February 29th is widely recognized as a lucky day. Julius Caesar was the person who implemented the start of the leap day. So how will you make the most out of the extra day (I know I have a history test then!)?

2: Summer Olympics

In sync with the famous leap day, the Summer Olympics runs on a four year clock too! Get excited because this time the Summer Olympics are in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the first time that the games will be held in a South American city and the third time that the games are being held in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s the 31st Summer Olympics which started in Athens, Greece in 1896 as an international multi-sport event. Over 10,000 competitors from 205 nations will join in this sporting celebration consisting of 302 events.

3: United States Presidential Election

Watch out for the ads on TV and online as each candidate gets ready to woo millions of voters across the country. The most important day is scheduled for Tuesday November 8th. For HB seniors or maybe even rising seniors, your vote could make the difference. So get out and cast your ballot. As the race for the Presidential Election heats up in the coming months, we can look forward to intense debates between the candidates.

4: The Republican Convention

Ohio has the honor of hosting the Republican National Convention in order to determine the presidential nominee for the Republican Party. In addition, they will adopt the party platform and discuss the rules for the election cycle. This year’s RNC is sure to be a thriller with Cleveland being the site of the RNC. Besides bringing national figures and media to Cleveland, it is sure to be a boost to the local economy.

5: China plans the world’s longest undersea tunnel

China’s big project is a 76-mile undersea tunnel from Dalian to Yantai. This tunnel, located 100 feet below the sea bed, will be longer than the combined length of the two longest undersea tunnels in the world today–the Seikan Tunnel (Japan) and the Channel Tunnel (between Britain and France). The tunnel has cost $36 billion dollars and is actually made of three parallel tunnels for cars, trains, and for maintenance. There is a lot of controversy regarding its route which passes over two major earthquake fault lines.

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