Should Service Be Required?

by Brett Parsons


Requiring service for high school students is a great idea. Many students would never go into service themselves, but learn to love it once they do. Service also teaches a lot about responsibility, awareness, and team work. It is also pretty straight forward: people are in need and we should be required to help them.

A lot of people learn to love service, but they would never look into it on their own. Sometimes service needs to be forced for people to realize how amazing and necessary it is. At a school like Hathaway Brown, we offer so many different service trips and there are options for everyone.

Requiring service hours prompts experiences that form links to what students learn at school. Students learn universal lessons like the importance of helping their fellow community members when they help feed the homeless or build homes for natural disaster victims.

From an ethical standpoint, everyone takes a lot from their community and should be required to give back. We live in a place where people desperately need help, but aren’t getting it. It shouldn’t matter if you want to or not; we as people, not just high school students, should be required to help those in need.