List of Reasons Why Cleveland is so Underrated

by Zoey Zelman

Cleveland. It’s a city all of us (hopefully) know and love. This city used to be one of the most industrial cities in America, but now it is a city that everyone makes fun in movies and TV shows. I am here to show everyone that Cleveland is an amazing city that is totally underrated.

1. Severance Hall in Cleveland is home to an award winning, world-class orchestra.

2. We have not one, two, but three professional teams in Cleveland (even though 2/3 aren’t that good, we still have hope for you, Browns)

3. This city is known for it’s medical industry (ex: Cleveland Clinic), people from all over the world come here to have surgery and get better

4. This city has at least 10 museums that offer an array of different things to learn about

5. Chef Michael Symon is born and raised from Cleveland also known as the creator of lola fries

6. We have West Side Market aka the best place on the planet amiright or amiright

7. It is the birthplace of rock and roll (which I mean is pretty cool)

8. There is so many options for food in Cleveland from many different cultures

9. We have Playhouse Square

10. Superman is from Cleveland

11. LeBron James. Enough said.

So those are some reasons as to why Cleveland is so underrated. Most of us have lived here our entire lives, and we probably take for granted the amazing city we live in. Cleveland is changing for the better everyday, so now’s the time to go and explore the city we all (hopefully) know and love.