Dear Diary: Dec 1, 2015

by Kat Holleran

7:03 PM

Applying to college has gotten easier the more I’ve done it. I just submitted application number 6 of 13. But time feels like it’s slipping right from under me. I swear a few weeks ago we started school/the college process, but really it was a few months ago. Now all of the sudden exams are in a few weeks? Who knew?! I can’t say I’m upset about it, and not because I want to rush through this last year or because I’m anxious to get out of HB/away from home. I love this school, I love my family, I love my youth, but I’m not afraid of growing up and experiencing new things. Life has got so much excitement beyond what is happening here (which seems unimaginable, I know) and I can’t wait to find what’s out there. However, as someone who is used to having itchy feet, I feel incredibly happy with where I am right now.


I haven’t been listening to my music much anymore. I think my taste might be shifting. I’ve been listening to the Real Jazz station on SiriusXM and NPR when I want to hear something new. I’ve also deleted the CNN app off my phone and I think I feel better. Not because I don’t care about what’s going on, because I still read the news almost daily, but not being constantly bombarded with news every second (I used to get CNN Breaking News Updates about Kim Kardashian – come on) has helped me in a way I can’t really explain yet. I’m not unaware (I do my reading) of what is happening but I am taking my life a little further away from what is ALWAYS happening because something is ALWAYS happening. Constantly trying to catch up with things that happen at rapid speeds seems unhealthy to me. Perhaps partial ignorance is bliss…


I was excited to write some post-Black-Friday-weekend-article about how I didn’t buy anything and that consumerism is the worst thing and that it’s awful to have a shopping ‘holiday’ after a holiday where we are supposed to be Thankful (though, truthfully, I don’t understand Thanksgiving much either…but I do understand mashed potatoes and stuffing). Unfortunately, however, I bought something. I bought a pair of boots. Online. On the Friday morning after Thanksgiving. They were more than 50% off and they just came in the mail. They’re really cute.


Moral of the story, ladies and gents, is don’t let anything hold you back. Not your youth, not your tired playlists, not the excessive news, and not the fact that you told yourself you wouldn’t buy anything on Black Friday.


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