A Shadorma

by Vala Schriefer 

My Experience Writing a Shadorma:

A Shadorma is Spanish poem with six lines per stanza. The poem form originated in Spain. Little is known about the origins of the poem. It has a meter of 3/5/3/3/7/5. These set of syllables made it difficult for me to complete a thought. The format forced me to almost completely do away with articles because they would take up valuable syllables. The given frame pushed me to choose words wisely. I noticed that a line alone could seem awkward, for it might not be complete. I found that the Shadorma format put unfamiliar stresses on words making the poem both unique and interesting to read and to write.

My Shadorma:

She saunters

through tired house of

dull wood floors

where cracks knot

and cradle handfuls of grime

after many years.


Face painted

with day’s wheezing breath,

doused in smoke

remnants of

filth, grease layered on its skin,

falling from shoulders.


All strays down

where jagged grooves of

sharp rippling

floorboards grab,

and chew the disease of day;

grinding up the greys.



of miniscule crumbs,

she sweeps to


cracks, and aching bends, to feed

the suffocation.