by Taylor Herrick

There always seems to be a new health trend each year that entices many with its almost impossible promises. The latest one that has been everywhere is the juice cleanse. Juice cleanses are supposed to provide a detox of your body that will result in weight loss, increased energy, improved skin, and removal of harmful toxins. The juices you get are supposed to be a substitute for meals and the only other thing you should consume during your cleanse is water. Celebrities like Blake Lively, Nicole Kidman, and Olivia Wilde swear by the juice cleanse, which has really made this a huge health fad. Popping up all across the country and in Cleveland are juice brands that provide pressed juices as well as sets you can buy for your own juice cleanse ranging from one day to a week. At HB, I have seen a bunch of students doing juice cleanses and was interested to hear their thoughts on them and how they affected their school day. Holly Galbincea (‘17) tried Garden of Flavor from Cleveland on a one-day cleanse. She was excited to do the cleanse, but quickly realized that the juices were not the best tasting! Lily Oglesbee (‘17), like Holly, did a one-day cleanse, but she says she would do it longer if she could! She bought her juices online from Pressed Juicery, a company from California. Juice cleanses vary in price by brand, but the majority are very expensive, and Lily says that the price was why she couldn’t do more than a one-day cleanse. Lily says that she decided to do the cleanse because, “my friends had done them and I wanted to see if I would like it, which I did!” During Lily’s cleanse she felt reenergized and would recommend it to everyone!


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