by Val Mischka

There are many perks to sophomore year: for example, not having to worry about the SAT or the ACT, not having to think about college, not being a freshman anymore, and most of all, being able to get your license (when you turn 16!). Finally, the freedom to go wherever you want! Well, maybe just to the movies and the mall. Getting your license is one of the highlights of your young adult life, and one of the biggest responsibilities that you will have to take on. There are two steps to getting your license. The first is getting your temps (more officially, the Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TIPIC)). I got my temps last month, and for me it was rough, because I went on a Monday, and I forgot a secondary document. Make sure that you do not go to the BMV on a Monday because they are not open. Also, you have to have a primary and secondary document which can be a passport and a social security card. If you have these you will be all set to take the test! In order to pass, I would recommend reading the driving handbook and taking practice tests online. The second step is taking the actual driving test, but by then I am sure you will be a fantastic driver, so there is no need to stress out!

Driving is just practice, practice, and more practice. In order to pass the driving test, I would recommend driving whenever you can to gain as much experience as possible. Whether you’re getting your license this fall or you’re like me and have to wait until spring, it’s still a big step. With driving comes great responsibility and patience. Be mindful about what you are doing, but just think – no more waiting for your parents in the morning, now you can go to social events without having to have your parents drop you off, and you can go get Chipotle whenever you desire. Getting your license is exciting and fun, but be smart and safe. Good luck on passing your tests!

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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