My Experience With A New Sport

by Grace Amjad


On Tuesday, October 13, I went to my first diving practice. It may have been the most terrifying thing I had ever gone through, until I had to do an inward dive. I think I may have had a heart attack if I had been alone, with all the other high schoolers and college students, but luckily I had a friend to go thorough the terror with me. I started by simply jumping off the board straight, then with a hurdle (a hurdle is when you pick up one of your legs, hop then jump into the water). Then I moved to back jumps, jumping off backwards, and fall in dives (you stand on the end of the board, either backward of forward and bend back until you fall into the water). After that, it started getting scary, I had to do a front dive tuck. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! But after many failed attempts I successfully did a front dive tuck and I that was one of the best days at diving so far. My next endeavor was an inward dive. This one took even longer to get than my front dive tuck, but after a few practices of smacks I got it. The inward consisted of a jump, backwards off the board, then rotating so you dive in with your back facing the board.


I recommend that everyone should play a sport at HB because it is just such a great way to meet other girls, and also to acquire a new skill or strengthen an already existing sport. Not only did I dive, but I also played golf in the fall. And even though I never played in the matches I still had a great time bonding with some of the upper classmen, and I felt a little less scared of the other upper classmen because I already knew some.


*just as a tip, don’t try to do these dives with out knowing exactly how to do it because there is a degree of danger in doing them*


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